ZwiftZone - 4K - Mall Speed - All About The Approach - 28/10

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ZwiftZone - 4K - Mall Speed - All About The Approach - 28/10

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So, Zwift have made a few bike-performance changes recently.

The Aero-Boost option has halved and the bikes have differing characteristics.

These changes have brought into 'play' a couple of extra variables that must be included in performance-related sessions.

I like to sprint so I've been experimenting with different approaches to the start line of timed sections.

In this video, I decided to try and hit the start at my maximum speed - risking an energy blowout half way through the sprint.

That said, if I can start the timed section all-out and hold onto that speed for the duration of the sprint, It may be possible to take green. With this, maximum watts should be attained on the approach leaving just enough watts to hold onto the speed through to the finish barrier.

As an aside, if the extended build-up holds, Strava segments leading up to the sprint should see PR's - a sign the experiment went according to plan.

I did get a couple of PR's on the approach - but how did the actual timed section pan-out?

Ride On - With Great Haste!


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