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ZwiftZone - 4K - Sprint Pacing 2 - ETA 31 - Zwift 2019 11 17

Posted: Tue Nov 19, 2019 3:04 pm
by ZwiftZone

Estimated Time of Arrival, ETA - One way of pacing Zwift sprint sectors demonstrated a few days ago.

I used the ETA reference to determine the power/speed needed in order to gain a PR or better.

In this video I push that technique one step further, again to attain a new PR - or better.

33 seconds was the last goal - That box was ticked.

This time I'm using 31 seconds as the target.

Once more, power is increased or, more importantly, conserved to keep 31 seconds in the ETA 'cross-hairs'.

Small, incremental steps, over time lead to substantial overall gains.

Maintaining discipline and consistency is key.

Ride On - using ETA pacing!