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ZwiftZone - 4K - Hammer Time! - New York Reverse - Zwift

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The New York Loop, one of my favourite Zwift routes - with a few loops you can get substantial elevation, which, as you know, goes to extra 'drops' ready to 'buy' those new wheels 'n' stuff.

But, my main reason why NYC is up there with the best is, the sprint sections.

We have the forward sprint, short, fast but with an added attraction, you gotta climb first! - I've covered the best way to structure the NYC forward sprint in other videos so I'll move onto the NYC reverse here.

As I've said in earlier videos, power is important but only insofar as to lift speed.

It's all about speed and the NYC reverse is a good example. The NYC reverse has a good, fast approach enabling a build up of speed before the timed start.

Get the approach speed right, hold onto that speed through the timed sector and you could be looking at a PR or better.

One thing I should point out here, these sprint pointers are from the vantage point of a solo rider. Riding in a pack/race changes the matrix - you have a much better draught approach in a large group - I'll go into that in a later video.

So, if you're like me - a little heavy to make a super-long, speed building approach, choosing the intermediate option is best. A quick approach with a burst at the start line to hold momentum.

For information, I am 62 years old, 178cm tall and weigh 80k - This is the way I do it...

Ride On!


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