ZwiftZone - 4K Video - Watopia Reverse Sprint - GO for Green

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ZwiftZone - 4K Video - Watopia Reverse Sprint - GO for Green

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So, took the bike, and me in some respects ;) , up and over the QKOM Radio-Tower climb to test a new belt I had just fitted to the trainer.

With all being Ok decided to hit the Watopia sprints.

The Watopia forward was as I expected, pretty slow but I got there, so the legs told me. And then, finishing the session with a Watopia reverse sprint - once more completed in a less-than-speedy style, but got there.

And then, no, within seconds, another fine Zwifter had taken the reverse Green, even before I had time to throw in a Ride On into the middle pocket!

Well, it had been a long up-hill session, time to finish. And finish I would have - only - an Aero-Boost popped up on the last finish arch.

Now, to take the Aero-Boost over to the reverse sprint and regain the Green - or not?

Thought about it for a good one-ten-billionth of a second and I was on my way back toward the reverse timed section. After all it's relatively short and, more importantly, the legs had replenished some-what.

The rest is in the video...

Ride On My Fellow Zwifters! :)


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