ZwiftZone 4K Video Forward Sprint - Commitment - 27-02-2020

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ZwiftZone 4K Video Forward Sprint - Commitment - 27-02-2020

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Today was all about the volcano climb - Not the most difficult climb in the Zwift catalogue but one that can, with a little caution, be taken a little quicker due to its brevity.

For me, that's eight minutes or so - or it was. Lately my finish times on the volcano have been 30 plus seconds slower. At the moment I'm putting this down to lack of climb fitness but with changes to the rolling resistance of bike models, I had it in mind, maybe part of the climb's RR had changed - ATM I can't say, I guess it's a mute point, ya still gotta ride what's in front of you, yes?

Anyhow, this video has zero to do with the volcano climb - well, maybe a little as in the climb made for a decent, if not a touch harsh, warm up for the Watopia sprint, one of my favourites.

As is the will of the Zwift gods, the sprint aero-boost time was reduced some time back making a dent in my best times. Only fractions of a second, but sometimes those fractions can cover the top five on the 'live' menu.

So, I've been struggling to cover the forward sprint in under 22 seconds with the new aero standard - today with only the volcano climb behind me, I decided on an all-out, commited sprint for a PR, an aero-reduced PR, so a touch slower than past-full-aero, but a new time for future motivation.

I'd like to shout-out to the rider sitting at just over 22 seconds on the live menu, an excellent time for sure, it was this rider that gave me that extra motivation to commit everything - and I really mean everything!

This is how it went...

Ride On my Zwifting friends, Ride On!


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