ZwiftZone - Type 2 Active Recovery - Fuego 17-03-2020

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ZwiftZone - Type 2 Active Recovery - Fuego 17-03-2020

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Active Recovery - an important component in strength adaptation.

Type 1 muscle, aerobic capacity, is relatively easy to get activity induced repair - basically ride or run at 40% of FTP for a time relative to your average 'outing'.

But what about Type 2, anaerobic capacity? Type 1 Active Recovery isn't going to help much. You're gonna have to engage those few motor neurons numbers that fire-up large numbers of muscle fibers. Engaging Type 2 fibers is going to require you introduce some time limited, substantive efforts.

So, overall Active Recovery can sometimes look a little odd. 30-40 minutes at 40% for aerobic repair, 30-40 seconds at 70% for anaerobic repair.

The thing to remember here is relativity - all repair sessions are dependant on personal strength and fitness.

How do you know which action to take? Experiments over months - there are no quick answers. We are all different in Type 1 and Type 2 fiber numbers - it's all about getting to know you, that'll take time but it pays off.

The video here demonstates my personal 70% anaerobic capacity. Remember what I said about relativity when looking at numbers and outcomes.

Ride On my athletic friends, Ride On!


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