ZwiftZone - 4K Video - Sprints - A Day On The Flat - Zwift 10-04-2020

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ZwiftZone - 4K Video - Sprints - A Day On The Flat - Zwift 10-04-2020

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So, after what seems weeks of cycling up the pointy stuff - not really weeks, but... - I wanted to check, see how predominant extended use of Type 1 muscle (aerobic) had effected my sprint capacity, that is, has pure climb sessions reduced my sprint power and so speed.

And at this stage, I'm really happy with the way things are going. Sprint capacity while not increasing*, as expected, is not suffering.

As the weeks go by, I do expect some reduction in sprint power but if the current data model holds, I should be looking at a descent 'overall', sprint/climb capability - my intended goal.

*While I took a PR on the Watopia forward sprint - within a few minutes another rider bettered my effort to take Green - What! - Didn't even get to make a full celebration lap - That said, aero-boost at hand, I decided to go again and managed to take back the green, setting another PR, in fact, my fastest time since the introduction of the reduced aero-time some months back - which was nice ;) - but as fate would have it, those great people at Microsoft had updated my machine and disabled my Nvidia recording set up. My best time in a since aero-boost reduction and I didn't have it recorded - Damn!

Anyhow, sorry, went off on a rant tangent there :)

Overall, the session was a success - This video runs through the first PR, I added an image of the second attempt in the comment section, just because, y'know, being modest and all that - please don't throw those tomatoes all at once :)

Ride On my Zwifting friends!


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