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Ten common knee injuries and treatment - MedicalNewsToday

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Ten common knee injuries and treatment

  • Ten common knee injuries
  • When to see a doctor
  • Treatment options
  • Prevention

Knee injuries commonly send people to the doctor’s office. In 2010, more than 10 million visits to the doctor’s office occurred due to knee pain and injury.

Most of these visits were due to the same common problems. Knee injuries can often be treated at home, but some are serious enough to need surgical intervention.

This article explains the anatomy of the knee, common knee injuries, and some of the treatment options.

Ten common knee injuries

The knee is a complicated joint. It moves like a door hinge, allowing a person to bend and straighten their legs so they can sit, squat, jump, and run.

The knee is made up of four components:

  • bones
  • cartilage
  • ligaments
  • tendons

The femur, commonly known as the thighbone, is at the top of the knee joint. The shinbone, or tibia, makes up the bottom of the knee joint. The patella or kneecap covers the meeting point between the femur and tibia.

The cartilage is the tissue that cushions the bones of the knee joint, helping ligaments slide easily over the bones and protecting the bones from impact.

There are four ligaments in the knee that act similarly to ropes, holding the bones together and stabilizing them. Tendons connect the muscles that support the knee joint to bones in the upper and lower leg.

There are many different types of knee injuries. Below are 10 of the most common injuries of the knee.

1. Fractures

Any of the bones in or around the knee can be fractured. The most commonly broken bone in the joint is the patella or kneecap.

High impact trauma, such as a fall or car accident, causes most knee fractures. People with underlying osteoporosis may fracture their knees just by stepping the wrong way or tripping.

2. Anterior cruciate ligament injuries

ACL injuries can range from grade 1 to 3 in severity.
The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) runs diagonally down the front of the knee, providing critical stability to the joint. Injuries to the ACL can be serious and require surgery.

ACL injuries are graded on a scale from one to three. A grade 1 sprain is a mild injury to the ACL, while a grade 3 refers to a complete tear.

Athletes who participate in contact sports such as football or soccer often injure their ACLs. However, contact sports are not the only cause of this injury.

Improperly landing from a jump or quickly changing the direction of motion can lead to a tear in the ACL.

3. Dislocation ...

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