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Best suspension trainer 2020 - T3

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The best suspension trainer – and no, market leader TRX is not the only purveyor of such things – is a perfect bit of home gym kit. If you're wanting to put your body through a thorough workout from the comfort of the home or, if you're a little more extrovert, the local park or nearby beauty spot, look no further.

Press-ups, bodyweight lunges and ab crunches will only get you so far in that quest for a rock hard body. That's where something like a suspension trainer can come in handy. They're far more transportable than weights but can offer a comparable amount of additional resistance.

This package of clever straps and an anchor point is easy to shove in a backpack or install at home, but opens up an entirely new world of training. One that has the ability to work every muscle group in the body... hard.

"Suspension training is a style of bodyweight workout that uses straps to suspend the body. The hands hold, or feet are placed, in the straps and the user’s bodyweight is used as resistance. One of the biggest benefits of suspension training is that it is extremely easy to increase or decrease the difficulty of exercises. By simply increasing or decreasing the length of the straps and moving closer or further away from the anchor point, you can adjust the difficulty," he says.

And what's the benefit? Well, bodyweight training is extremely functional and most exercises train multiple muscle groups at once. "Suspension training is a very effective way to build muscle, build strong tendons and ligaments, burn fat and help to stabilise joints," says Harry.

On top of this, suspension training piddles all over the fixed motion machines you see in the gym, as it allows you to use your body through changing planes of motion and a variety of angles. This means increased muscle, ligament and tendon activation across various angles – ultimately leading to increased strength and stability.


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