FAST 3-move kettlebell workout for big arms will scorch your biceps, triceps and delts too - T3

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FAST 3-move kettlebell workout for big arms will scorch your biceps, triceps and delts too - T3

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Want to get big arms without using the best dumbbells or best barbells? Have a look at this 3-move kettlebell workout for big arms: it's fast, it's simple and – most importantly – it's effective. All you need is a pair of the best kettlebells or if you have just the one, that's fine too as you can perform this workout doing the exercises unilaterally.

The best kettlebell workouts build functional muscles as well as improve flexibility and agility. The mighty 'bell is also great for losing weight and following a regular kettlebell workout regime – ant type of resistance training, for that matter – can effectively help you boost metabolism to.

Kettlebell workouts come in many shapes and sizes: we already wrote about a 2-move full body kettlebell workout as well as a 4-week, 10,000 swing kettlebell workout that build muscles and melts fat before. In this workout, however, we'll focus on sculpting big guns and we'll try to do it as simple as effective as humanly possible.

We'll use three compound exercises, each focusing on the three big parts of your arm: biceps, triceps and delts (or shoulders). We didn't include a separate exercise for the forearm: holding the kettlebell will improve grip strength and therefore increase forearm girth as it is. If you want to enhance the forearms even further, try the aforementioned 10,000 swings kettlebell workout.

After a few minutes of warm up, perform each exercise continuously for 30-40 seconds with 15-20 seconds break in between exercises. At the end of the 3-exercise cluster, give yourself a 30-60-second break and repeat. For best results, do 3-4 clusters per workout.

In depth: Overhead press how to

Much like the standard overhead press, double kettlebell overhead press will strengthen your delts the most but also the triceps, the pecs (chest muscles) and the traps too. Standing overhead press will also strengthen your frame and especially the core which you will use quite a lot for stabilisation.

When performing kettlebell overhead presses – or any 'push' kettlebell moves – make sure your wrist is in line with your forearm, just like in the video above. If you can't hold the 'bells without dropping your wrist, you might want to consider using a lighter kettlebell until you build up the strength.

If you only have one kettlebell, do single kettlebell overhead presses: do one side for 30-40 seconds then switch over to the other side without a break.

Upright row is the perfect pull move for shoulders – as long as you do it right. Kettlebells are especially well-suited for upright rows as you can shift the position of the hand in the highest position, reducing the strain on the wrists.

One important thing to keep in mind when doing upright rows is not to pull up the kettlebell too high. You won't gain anything from pulling the weight up until it's in line with your forehead; instead, try to lift it up to a level where it feels comfortable to your wrist and use a slow, controlled movement.

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