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ZwiftZone - 4K - Sprint Pacing Using ETA - Zwift 2019 11 11

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You're going for a PR - how best to structure your attempt?

One way is to use your Estimated Time of Arrival, ETA.

Whatever your current power, the ETA can be adjusted using that current power. A little over your ETA attempt, increase the power slightly.

What may seem a little counter-intuitive, you may want to reduce power if your ETA is way under a PR, that is, if you were to continue at this power-level your current PR will be demolished - but only if you hold that power! - There is a high probability, going all-out at the start of say, a 30 second sprint, will sap power half-way through the segment.

Discipline is key, hold an ETA just under your current PR, take that PR and work the same strategy on the next PR attempt.

As an aside, it's good practice to record your current PR, ETA and the power required in that PR, successful or not. I generally take a mental note, written down later or, if possible, a screen-shot. Strava users can use the uploaded segment data although Strava will not accurately record short segments.

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